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We work with you and your homeowner insurance to make your life simple!  We do all the leg work as master roofing contractors to make this the BEST interaction you’ve had with any company, We strive for simplicity, to help our client understand every step in the process.

24/7 Emergency Roofing Service.

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Why Choose Us

Here at Serrano Contractors we focus on making sure each of our clients revives top tier level of quality from start to finish. From highly trained inspectors, to high quality materials and to our installation. We are driven to give you the best experience possible. For free!

Approved and paid for by your insurance

We make the deal with your insurance company so that they cover storm damage.

Same Insurance Test

Our team of expert inspectors do the same inspection as your homeowners insurance. It only takes 10-15 minutes!

Quality Professionals

Our team is highly trained in roofing, siding and gutter restoration

Immediate Photo Results

We show you results instantly! Our experts show you photos of all the damages found on your property

Helping you with options.

Our experts go over all of your options and helps you make the right choice for your HOME!

How it works?



A highly trained inspector comes to your property to assess the damage to your home. Then they take photos of all the damages found and then make a proposal that adapts to their requirements.



The photos are reviewed with you so that you have a clear view of what is happening on your roof. If you accept the submitted proposal, the installation process will begin



If filing a claim is the right path for you, our highly trained experts will help guide you through every step of the installation process.

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I Am The Gm Of The Sales Team, And One Of The Founders Of Serrano Contractors LLC Sales. I Used To Be In The Insurance Industry For The Quick A While. Working There It Made Me Realized How Much Homeowner Were Paying For Roofs And I Decided That We Had To Do Something About It. I Started From Helping My Family Members To My Street Neighbors To All My Neighborhood..
Alan serrano
My name is Gregory Heredia I’m from the Dominican Republic I’ve been working in construction for a little over 3 years now my goal is to own multiple properties in the U.S. and In Dominican Republic.

Greg Heredia
Team Member

Need A Free inspection?

If you need an inspection, you can contact our phone number or write us on the contact form by selecting the option «Get a free inspection»